Online 重新取向

Returning home from an exchange program often comes with challenges, like experiencing reverse culture shock and missing one’s host community. We know that the distress caused by the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic and the abrupt end to our 2020 programs has made that readjustment more difficult for many.

That’s why we have adapted our existing Re-Entry Orientations for students returning to the U.S. 这些方向, now offered virtually in webinar format, continue to encourage and guide students to reflect on and grow from their intercultural journeys after they return home. Students have access to wellness tips and dedicated time and virtual space to process stress and disappointment, as well as new ways to connect virtually with other 一般时时彩网址ers. For more information and questions about these webinars please contact (电子邮件保护).


Global Competence Certificate

一般时时彩网址-USA is providing an opportunity for U.S. Returnees to earn a Global Competence Certificate (海湾合作委员会), an online course created by 一般时时彩网址 International for 一般时时彩网址 Partners around the globe to use. The 海湾合作委员会 is a blended learning program that develops tangible global skills essential to live, 工作, and make a real social impact around the world. For more information about the course工作, please explore 在这里. Enrollment in the 海湾合作委员会 will open in the Fall of 2020—check back this page for updates in the Summer!

Readjustment Resources during 新型冠状病毒肺炎

Here you will find trusted sources of recommended precautions and actions, as well as advice on coping with this extraordinary situation.


Learn about opportunities to document your second language skills with the Global Seal of Biliteracy, leverage your 一般时时彩网址 experience through your resume, 面试, or in your college application essays and more.

Continue to 探索世界 While Social Distancing

As we’re social distancing, we can still learn online with each other, create global solidarity, and plan our next adventures.