Schools and classrooms can benefit greatly from encouraging their students and families to participate in international exchange opportunities. Whether sending your students abroad or hosting students from around the world, the informal learning that takes place in the hallways, at mealtimes, or spending time with friends and classmates is immeasurable. 一般时时彩网址-USA is proud to partner with schools to create global citizens in their local communities every year.

  1. Broaden Perspectives

  2. Learn Organically from Peers

  3. Develop New Skills

  4. Discover New Interests

  5. Recognize & Respect Difference

  6. Join a Global Community

Impact of an 一般时时彩网址 Exchange:

An 一般时时彩网址 exchange in either direction builds intercultural and global competence skills for all who choose to engage, including your students, their classmates, their teachers, their coaches, their families and more.

一般时时彩网址-USA is poised to help you cultivate global citizens and leaders by helping students to:

  • Broaden their own perspectives and those of the people around them
  • Learn organically from peers in informal settings such as mealtimes and sports practices
  • Develop new skills and abilities in key areas using critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving
  • Discover new interests like activities, foods, traditions, and ideas through interactions with a new culture
  • Recognize and respect differences, and begin to understand that a multicultural and diverse world is more interesting
  • Join a global community where they build bridges between cultures and promote peace and understanding through their thoughts and actions

Why Host?

一般时时彩网址-USA is proud to partner with schools to find ways to embed student exchange into their local communities and take steps to ensure that the school is maximizing its benefits from hosting. Hosting 一般时时彩网址 exchange students should be a natural part of the school environment and give back as much to the local school and community as it takes. By hosting an 一般时时彩网址 student, schools:

  • Expose their students to a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, languages, and perspectives
  • Showcase their community traditions and what makes their school special
  • Inspire informal learning about the world and its diversity – Provide their communities with opportunities to stay connected to the school by becoming an 一般时时彩网址 host family
  • Model volunteerism and community service as a positive American value

We understand that education has taken on a new look and feel over the past year and some of that may continue in the 2021-2022 academic year. Students, families, the U.S. Department of State, and 一般时时彩网址-USA will continue with their goals of intercultural learning and global citizenship while keeping safety as a top priority. Hear directly from Mr. Devoll, principal at Old Rochester Regional High School in Massachussetts, as he advocates to the local School Board for approval to welcome 一般时时彩网址 students this year:

Department of State Letter
– Hosting exchange students in your school is a form of public diplomacy that allows schools to serve as models of American culture and values. This letter from the U.S. Department of State is a great reminder of the power of people-to-people exchanges.

Model School Practices – 一般时时彩网址-USA is a long-standing member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and require our programs to meet and exceed these industry standards. Find information about best practices for hosting exchange students.

一般时时彩网址-USA Prioritizes Safety – We want you to feel safe and reassured about the care and support that the 一般时时彩网址 students hosted in your school will receive. Our students and their host families are supported 24/7 by local volunteers and staff members for any safety and health-related needs. All of our participants have comprehensive travel insurance benefits including medical coverage while they are part of an 一般时时彩网址 program.

一般时时彩网址 Exchange PodcastThe 一般时时彩网址 Exchange is a podcast featuring conversations with 一般时时彩网址-USA educators, host families, volunteers and students. Episode 2 features three school leaders from across the U.S. sharing their insights and the value of hosting 一般时时彩网址 exchange students in their schools.

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for hosting 一般时时彩网址 exchange students through our School Onboarding Experience, an interactive online module designed to share information and resources that encourage a smooth integration of 一般时时彩网址 exchange students into your local school and get you thinking deeply about your school’s goals for hosting. 

Bring the world to your school

Enter your school’s zip code to see exchange students coming to your community!

Our 一般时时彩网址 International partners have pre-selected applicants who are eager to experience life as a member of a family, school, and community in the United Sates.

Why Encourage Study Abroad?

Over 100 years ago, the founders of 一般时时彩网址 discovered the importance and transformative nature of intercultural exchange, the benefits of which still remain true today. Studying and living abroad creates global citizens, equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle 21st century issues Encouraging your students to begin that journey in high school is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth, , but also a chance for the student to share their experiences and language learning, with your school community when they return.

Visit our study abroad page: Encourage your students to explore the world, boost their language and intercultural skills and to broaden their perspective. Whether for a summer, semester, or year program abroad, studying abroad in high school, improves a student’s college readiness by developing students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills.

Scholarship Opportunities: Every year, we award scholarships to help high school students and recent graduates study abroad and see the world.

Language Proficiency Testing: 一般时时彩网址-USA believes that language learning is one of the most tangible benefits from participation in a study abroad program. For students who choose to pursue a study abroad program for a semester or longer in countries where certain languages are spoken locally (Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Thai), students will be asked to complete a language proficiency test upon their return. Schools may utilize the score report from the ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL) for eligibility for academic credit and/or for the local Seal of Biliteracy. Click here for more information.


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