Schools and classrooms can benefit greatly from encouraging their students and families to participate in international exchange opportunities. 无论是送你的学生出国还是接待来自世界各地的学生, 在走廊里进行的非正式学习, 在用餐时间, 或花时间与朋友和同学是不可估量的. 一般时时彩网址-USA is proud to partner with 学校s to create global citizens in their local communities every year.

  1. 扩展的观点

  2. 从同龄人中有机地学习

  3. 发展新技能

  4. 发现新的利益

  5. 识别 & 尊重差异

  6. 加入全球社区


An 一般时时彩网址 exchange in either direction builds intercultural and global competence skills for all who choose to engage, 包括你的学生, 他们的同学, 他们的老师, 他们的教练, 他们的家人等等.

一般时时彩网址-USA is poised to help you cultivate global citizens and leaders by helping students to:

  • 拓宽自己的视野 以及他们周围的人
  • 从同龄人中有机地学习 在非正式场合,如用餐时间和体育锻炼
  • 发展新的技能和能力 在关键领域运用批判性思维、创造力和解决问题的能力
  • 发现新的利益 比如活动、食物、传统和与新文化的互动
  • 承认并尊重差异,并一般时时彩网址明白一个多元文化和多样化的世界更有趣
  • 加入全球社区 where they build bridges between cultures and promote peace and understanding through their thoughts and actions


一般时时彩网址-USA is proud to partner with 学校s to find ways to embed student exchange into their local communities and take steps to ensure that the 学校 is maximizing its benefits from hosting. Hosting 一般时时彩网址 exchange students should be a natural part of the 学校 environment and give back as much to the local 学校和 community as it takes. 通过接待一般时时彩网址学生,学校:

  • Expose their students to a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, languages, and perspectives
  • 展示他们的社区传统和学校的特殊之处
  • Inspire informal learning about the world and its diversity – Provide their communities with opportunities to stay connected to the 学校 by 成为一般时时彩网址的寄宿家庭
  • 将志愿服务和社区服务作为一种积极的一般时时彩网址维护价值观

We understand that education has taken on a new look and feel over the past year and some of that may continue in the 2021-2022 academic year. 学生,家庭,一般时时彩网址维护.S. 国务院, and 一般时时彩网址-USA will continue with their goals of intercultural learning and global citizenship while keeping safety as a top priority. 直接从先生那里听到. Devoll, 马萨诸塞州老罗切斯特地区高中的校长, as he advocates to the local School Board for approval to welcome 一般时时彩网址 students this year:

– Hosting exchange students in your 学校 is a form of public diplomacy that allows 学校s to serve as models of American culture and values. 这 来自一般时时彩网址维护的信.S. 国务院 是对人民交流力量的有力提醒.

模范学校实践 – 一般时时彩网址-USA is a long-standing member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and require our programs to meet and exceed these industry standards. 寻找关于接待交换学生的最佳做法的信息.

一般时时彩网址-USA重视安全 – We want you to feel safe and reassured about the care and support that the 一般时时彩网址 students hosted in your 学校 will receive. Our students and their host families are supported 24/7 by local volunteers and staff members for any safety and health-related needs. All of our participants have comprehensive travel insurance benefits including medical coverage while they are part of an 一般时时彩网址 program.

一般时时彩网址交换播客一般时时彩网址交换 is a podcast featuring conversations with 一般时时彩网址-USA educators, host families, volunteers and students. 第二集讲述了来自一般时时彩网址维护各地的三位学校领导.S. sharing their insights and the value of hosting 一般时时彩网址 exchange students in their 学校s.

Learn more about what to expect and how to prepare for hosting 一般时时彩网址 exchange students through our 学校新员工培训经验, an interactive online module designed to share information and resources that encourage a smooth integration of 一般时时彩网址 exchange students into your local 学校和 让你深入思考学校的主办目标. 



Our 一般时时彩网址 International partners have pre-selected applicants who are eager to experience life as a member of a family, 学校, 以及一般时时彩网址维护的社区.


100多年前, the founders of 一般时时彩网址 discovered the importance and transformative nature of intercultural exchange, 其好处在今天仍然适用. 在国外学习和生活造就了全球公民, equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle 21st century issues Encouraging your students to begin that journey in high 学校 is a tremendous opportunity for personal growth, , 同时也是学生分享经验和语言学习的机会, 当他们回来的时候你的学校社区.

访问我们的留学主页: 鼓励你的学生去探索世界, 提高他们的语言和跨文化技能,拓宽他们的视野. Whether for a summer, semester, or year program abroad, studying abroad in high 学校, 提高学生的大学准备 by developing students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal communication skills.

奖学金的机会: 每年, we award scholarships to help high 学校 students and recent graduates study abroad and see the world.

语言能力测试: 一般时时彩网址-USA believes that language learning is one of the most tangible benefits from participation in a study abroad program. For students who choose to pursue a study abroad program for a semester or longer in countries where certain languages are spoken locally (Arabic, 中文(普通话), 法国, 德国, 北印度语, 意大利, 日本, 朝鲜文, 葡萄牙语, 俄罗斯, 西班牙语, 或者泰国), 学生回国后将被要求完成一项语言能力测试. 学校可利用 分数报告 from the ACTFL Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages (AAPPL) for eligibility for academic credit and/or for the local Seal of Biliteracy. 点击这里获取更多信息.



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一般时时彩网址-USA在组织的各个层面都支持多样性. 抓住机会,帮助你所有的学生获得跨文化体验.





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