With its culture renowned for tolerance and diplomacy, Belgium is an ideal place to begin your international education. 在比利时度过一年的高中时光,漫步在鹅卵石街道上,你就会明白为什么这个国家培养出了欧洲最优秀的艺术家和思想家. As you go about your daily life, 你可能会听到很多佛兰德语(荷兰语的一种地区变体), but you may also come across natives speaking French, 德国, and English. 这是您亲身体验比利时文化大熔炉的机会,您可以住在佛兰德寄宿家庭,并就读于当地的高中.

Things to know

比利时被认为是世界上最满意的国家之一, 这可能是因为有太多的人参与到他们的社区和政府中去了. 即便如此, Belgians are often reserved around new people, 你可能需要迈出了解一个人的第一步. 但一旦你这样做了,你就会被一个温暖友好的社区包围. In the culturally unique Flanders region, people usually prefer to use Flemish, but many are also able to speak French.


Graduates Eligible? Yes, high school graduates are eligible to participate.
Minimum GPA 2.5
Age Range
15yrs, 8 months
18yrs, 8 months at start of program
Language Skills Preferred, but not required

Your journey to Belgium

你的比利时之旅将从纽约一般时时彩网址,在那里你会遇到来自一般时时彩网址维护的afser. Together you’ll attend an overnight orientation, 然后前往布鲁塞尔,一般时时彩网址的工作人员和志愿者会接待您. 然后您将被带到为期三天的抵达营,在那里您将学习比利时文化的速成课程,并了解比利时一般时时彩网址(佛兰德斯)的成员。.

Soon you’ll be ready to travel to your community. 沿途你一定会看到童话般的城堡顶峰和中世纪有城墙的城市. You also might spot the North Sea with its smooth sandy beaches. As you get closer to your new home, 在大街上,你可能会遇到排队购买脆薯条或华夫饼的人.


Meeting your Belgian Host Family

一般时时彩网址ers have lived in communities all throughout Belgium. 你很可能住在农村或郊区的城镇,但也有可能住在城市. 比利时是一个很小的国家(大约相当于马里兰州的大小),所以无论你在哪里,你都离布鲁塞尔只有一趟火车的距离, the coast, or neighboring countries (France, 德国, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg).

就像世界上任何地方一样,比利时的所有家庭都不一样. 但比利时人以灵活、开放和接受其他文化而著称. 你很可能会发现你的寄宿家庭有一两个孩子.


Settling into daily life

Your high school in Belgium

众所周知,比利时是一个教育水平很高的国家,但学校制度却颇具挑战性. 你可能会被一所普通(学术)中学录取, but you might also attend a vocational high school. 周一、周二、周四和周五的上课时间一般是上午8点到下午4、5点. 大多数学校星期三下午放假,中午左右放学. 比利时的高中有很高的学术标准,你可能会发现你的同龄人比一般时时彩网址维护的许多人更专注、更专注于他们的学习. 但是不要担心——你放学后也会有时间通过社区或青年组织提供的课外活动来放松自己.


Teenage life

While living in Belgium, 你可以参加定期在小城镇和大城市游行的集市和嘉年华会. 你会发现各种节日庆祝活动,从电子音乐到历史性的女巫审判! 比利时也是丁丁和蓝精灵等受欢迎的人物的故乡, 人们对连环画的喜爱由来已久(法语), bandes dessinées). 你的比利时朋友可能会喜欢运动,特别是足球和骑自行车. 青少年还参加网球、保龄球、游泳、滑冰和划独木舟等活动.

Food you’ll encounter

Belgium is famous for waffles (wafelen) and fries (pomme-frîtes) that you can buy from vendors on the street. Belgians claim to have invented French fries, and serve them in paper cones with mayonnaise instead of ketchup. 他们的巧克力是传奇,有像Godiva和Leonidas这样的品牌提供美味的果仁糖. You’ll also find lots of mussels and carbonade flamande (beef stew) along with potatoes and bread. Belgians take their time to eat, 所以即使有这些选择,你也有机会品尝每一种新口味.

What's Included

  • 通过50个全球网络提供高质量的课程,拥有超过70年的经验,000 dedicated volunteers
  • Accommodations with a vetted host family
  • 指定项目日期的国际往返机票
  • School enrollment fees
  • Worldwide, 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Access to an in-country support team and network, 以及我们在一般时时彩网址维护的参与者支持部门.S.
  • 在你的课程之前和期间的适应和跨文化教育
  • Secondary medical coverage
  • 签证 support and guidance
  • 融入全球超过100万人的海归校友网络

签证 Info

Do I need a visa/residence permit for Belgium? 是的. 签证
How do I apply for the visa? (By mail, In-person, In host country) In-person
签证/居留许可流程难度等级(简单、一般、复杂) 复杂的
Estimated 签证/Residence Permit Expenses
($ – $$$)
Frequently Asked 签证 Questions Visit our general visa FAQ page for more information.

Returning Home

“Life-changing” is hard to describe, 然而,当被问及他们在国外的经历时,这几乎总是一般时时彩网址维护人说的第一件事. “Transformed” is an其他 one.
When you return home from high school in Belgium, you’ll bring with you a sense of accomplishment unlike any 其他. You’ll have gained maturity and independence, discovered new passions, 并且培养了信心和韧性去完成你想做的任何事情.
这种转变不只是你能看到,其他人也能看到. 一般时时彩网址ers gain critical skills for college and careers. Second language fluency, intercultural competence, creativity, and critical reasoning will help you succeed, whatever path you take. “Life-changing” means it’s only the beginning.
It’s not just an adventure abroad; it’s a whole new reality. 你所获得的视角和人际关系将与你同在,并有可能吸引你回到你在比利时找到的第二个家.

事实上, 我们的校友评议使一般时时彩网址成为留学行业中最受好评的机构之一.