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Global Choice is a unique study abroad opportunity that lets you choose where you want to live and the school you wish to attend. 《一般时时彩网址维护》 ranked New Zealand’s Education System #1 in the world for teaching skills needed for the future. Grow your potential on a customizable study abroad experience and discover a new world leader in education—New Zealand. Programs in 2021 are currently postponed due to 新型冠状病毒肺炎.


合格的毕业生? Yes, high school graduates are eligible to participate.
最低绩点 2.5
年龄范围 15年零个月 to
19岁零个月 程序一般时时彩网址时
学期计划 不是必需的
一年计划 不是必需的

一般时时彩网址-USA scholarships are not eligible for the Global Choice program. 要了解我们的筹款工具和资源, 访问我们的筹款页面.



These subjects are available in the following New Zealand high schools, 哪些通常被称为“学院." Find a school that offers courses specific to these topics in their full curriculum.




奥克兰, 被当地人称为“风帆之城”,” is the largest and most populated urban center in New Zealand. 奥克兰ers enjoy an easygoing, safe, Kiwi lifestyle with tightknit communities and great schools. 奥克兰是一个多元文化的城市, 多样化的城市, 这体现在它的节日上, 事件, 和活动. While 奥克兰 offers all the benefits of city living, nature is also close by. 海滩, 乘船前往岛屿, forest trails as well as numerous parks and reserves are all available to you!



惠灵顿, 以其繁荣的艺术景观而闻名, is the center of New Zealand’s film and theatre industry. You can enjoy the buzz of the city and appreciate the abundance of nature just outside the city center with beaches and a beautiful harbor! 惠灵顿是城市生活的一个充满活力的混合体, 有良好的交通系统, 蒂帕帕国家博物馆, 和自然景观, 这样你就不会觉得无聊了!



克赖斯特彻奇, a city of 350,000, is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. 以美丽的公园和花园而闻名, 克赖斯特彻奇 is only fifteen minutes from surf beaches, 距离户外攀岩二十分钟, thirty minutes from bays for sailing and one hour from numerous commercial and private ski fields.

The city center has many notable arts institutions including the stunning Botanic Gardens. Inner-city streets contain art projects and pocket gardens, dispersed against a cityscape featuring remnant stone buildings and sharp, 现代建筑.



连接 is a riverside town of 40,000 people on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. 群山环绕, 美丽的自然景观, 和海滩, you’ll be sure to embark on endless camping and wilderness trips. 除了, 藏在旺加努伊国家公园深处, 你会发现那座无名之桥, 旺加努伊最具标志性的景点之一!



湾的很多 is home to dazzling white sand surf beaches, 原生森林和瀑布, 新西兰唯一的活火山, 以及令人难以置信的地热景观. 湾的很多 is also famous for its delicious produce, with orchards producing everything from kiwis to avocados. 当然这里也是沙滩爱好者的天堂, 湾的很多 contains endless unique places to keep you captivated, 包括罗托鲁瓦和陶朗加!



  • 国际机票
  • 国内旅游
  • 学校的学费
  • 对寄宿家庭的补偿
  • 协助办理签证申请表格
  • 保险
  • 学校午餐
  • 一日三餐由寄宿家庭的费用支付


  • 签证费用
  • 课程费用包括学校的课本, 然而, 笔记本电脑, 笔, 纸, 铅笔由参加者提供
  • 校服通常由学校提供

一旦你被录取了, schools match you with a carefully-selected host family and regularly monitor your academic and personal welfare both at home and school.

一般时时彩网址 assists with school selection by evaluating your career goals, 建议你的程序风格, 帮助你注册, 并提供指导和持续的检查.

另外, 一般时时彩网址 New Zealand will offer you intercultural learning opportunities and involve you in any 一般时时彩网址 activities happening in the area you decide to live in!




“改变生活”是很难描述的, yet it’s nearly always the first thing that 一般时时彩网址ers say when asked about their experience abroad.
“变形”是另一个. 当你回到家, 如果你像大多数afser一样, you’ll bring with you a sense of accomplishment unlike any 其他. 你会变得成熟和独立, 发现了新的激情, and feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. That transformation isn’t visible only to you, though – 其他s see it as well. afser获得了大学和职业生涯的关键技能, ranging from language fluency to intercultural competence and critical reasoning. “改变人生”意味着这仅仅是个一般时时彩网址.
事实上, our alumni reviews have made 一般时时彩网址 one of the top-rated organizations in the study abroad industry.