好好利用这个千载难逢的机会! By living with a host family and attending a local school in Serbia you’ll be totally immersed in this fascinating culture. You’ll have the chance to gain a completely new perspective and discover things about yourself that you never thought were possible. Study abroad in Serbia to gain an in-depth understanding of a rich political history of a country that is redefining itself and its peoples. Join 其他 teenagers from all over the world on an amazing journey!


塞尔维亚人通常非常外向和健谈. They’re laid back and relaxed and one of the first phrases you might learn is nema problema – no problem! People eat lots of meat in Serbia – be prepared for it to be a part of nearly every meal. 慷慨和好客是非常重要的品质, so plan to bring a small gift like flowers or food when visiting friends for the first time.


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合格的毕业生? 是的,高中毕业生有资格参加.
最低绩点 2.5
年龄范围 15岁,0个月 to
18岁,8个月 程序一般时时彩网址时
语言技能 没有语言要求


你的冒险将从纽约一般时时彩网址, where you’ll meet your fellow 一般时时彩网址 students from the United States, although it’s possible you’ll be the only one traveling to Serbia. 你将参加一个通宵迎新会, where you’ll learn some important information about your first few days in Serbia and get a chance to talk to a cultural expert who recently spent time in the region. Then you’ll fly to Belgrade, where you’ll be met by 一般时时彩网址 staff and volunteers!

On your way to your host family you’ll have a chance to see some of the sights. 你可能会看到河流、肥沃的平原和山脉. In the towns and cities you’ll hear people engaged in lively conversations, 通常是关于政治和国家的现状, and in the countryside you’re bound to hear Serbia’s distinctive folk music. 如果你经过无人居住的建筑, don’t be surprised to see bright artists’ murals or installations covering the walls. 教堂, 太, 可能会被马赛克或壁画覆盖, 尽管这些可能有几百年的历史.



你可能住在塞尔维亚任何地方的社区里, from the cities along the Danube River in the north to more rural towns and villages in the mountainous southern region. 然而每个家庭都是不同的, in general you can expect that you’ll have more host siblings in rural areas than in urban ones. 无论你在塞尔维亚留学期间身在何处, you’ll probably find that extended family helps take care of the kids while the parents are working.

During vacation Serbian families enjoy going to the beach and boating on the many lakes and rivers. 如果你喜欢钓鱼和打猎,塞尔维亚是一个理想的地方. You can also expect to spend some quiet evenings at home with your family talking and watching TV. Don’t be surprised if your host family keeps piling food on your plate, 食物是塞尔维亚家庭生活中极其重要的一个方面!




As a teenager in Serbia you can plan to spend a lot of time hanging out with large groups of friends. Serbs are very social and outgoing and they tend to be very open with each 其他 about personal, 情感问题. 你会发现成为一个好的倾听者是一项非常有价值的技能! 足球, 网球, and basketball are the most popular sports and young Serbs also enjoy hanging out at cafes and local neighborhood restaurants.


Serbian food is a mix of Turkish, Greek, and central European ingredients and flavors. Bean soup and stuffed cabbage rolls are very popular and you’ll also have the chance to try lots of delicious pastries and local cheeses. Dinner is often eaten pretty late and tends to be something quick like pizza or pasta but you’ll have plenty of chances to snack throughout the day. Often on Sundays extended families will get together to eat a traditional lunch, 那里有烤猪肉和土豆.



At school you’ll get to make lots of new friends and learn all about Serbian history and society. 塞尔维亚的学校从9月开学到6月. The school day is broken up into two shifts, one from 8AM to 2PM and the 其他 from 2PM to 8PM. 和许多国家一样,你要穿制服. Most schools in Serbia offer some extracurricular activities and if you like dancing and music you should definitely join a Serbian folk music group!


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“改变生活”是很难描述的, yet it’s nearly always the first thing that 一般时时彩网址ers say when asked about their experience abroad. “变形”是另一个.
当你回到家, 如果你像大多数afser一样, 你会带来一种前所未有的成就感. 你会变得成熟和独立, 发现了新的激情, and developed the confidence and resilience to accomplish anything you set out to do.
That transformation isn’t only visible to you, though – 其他s see it as well. afser获得了大学和职业生涯的关键技能. 第二语言流利, 跨文化能力, 创造力, 批判性的推理会帮助你成功, 无论你选择哪条路. “改变人生”意味着这仅仅是个一般时时彩网址.
It’s not just an adventure abroad; it’s a whole new reality. The perspectives and personal connections you gained will stay with you and likely draw you back to the second home you found in while studying abroad in Serbia.

事实上,我们的 alumni reviews have made 一般时时彩网址 one of the top-rated organizations in the study abroad industry.