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Why Study Abroad with 一般时时彩网址?

它的网络覆盖了45多个国家,70多年来跨越不同文化联系生活, we have the scope and experience to offer authentic, 为年轻游客提供沉浸式的海外学习和世界各地生活方式. Our 150+ high school study abroad programs are led by locals in the communities you’ll join. 一般时时彩网址的工作人员、志愿者和寄宿家庭将欢迎您来到第二个家.

对我们来说,在国外学习和生活就是成为一名世界公民. Over 100 years ago, the founders of 一般时时彩网址 discovered the importance of intercultural exchange. Today, you can be part of their legacy and join the 500,000 alumni who proudly call themselves 一般时时彩网址ers.

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We’re all about immersion. 无论你是在学习一门外语,还是在与你的新社区建立联系, 一般时时彩网址 will help you engage deeply with local life.

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Every year, we award scholarships to help high school students and recent graduates study abroad and see the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By going abroad in high school, 你可以用你个人看得见的方式来改变你的世界, and visible to your friends, family, teachers, and future peers and colleagues. Many 一般时时彩网址ers say that their experience was “transformational.” They gain new maturity and independence, 更好地理解他们的激情和长期目标是什么. They also share that they’re better prepared than many of their peers for the college application and interview process.

There are practical benefits to going abroad in high school too, like gaining language fluency, developing critical intercultural communication skills, 在全球范围内形成终生的联系,通常会持续一生.

The impact of going abroad is different for everyone. Call our 一般时时彩网址 Study Abroad Specialists or visit Ask an 一般时时彩网址er on Facebook to learn more.

Info for Parents & Guardians

With our guidance and support, your teen can develop the global knowledge and intercultural skills needed for their future.

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Embrace Diversity

一般时时彩网址-USA embraces diversity at every level of our organization.

We are committed to creating safe and supportive intercultural learning opportunities for all high school study abroad participants, including persons with disabilities and people of all genders, nationalities, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

Our Diversity Initiatives

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